All Vinyl 12" Single

!K7 Music (34)ALTERNATIVE (27)ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY (1)AMBIENT (2)ARIWA (4)Agogo Records (3)Animal63 (3)Apollo Records (1)Astral Industries (1)Atomnation (6)BE WITH RECORDS (5)BECAUSE MUSIC (2)Be Pop / Be With Records (1)Berreto Music / Because Music (1)Between Buttons (2)Boris Records (2)Boxer Recordings (1)Byrd Out (1)CHERRY RED (1)CLASSICAL (1)Chimp Limb (1)Connected (1)DANCE (3)DISCO (8)DUB (3)Darker Than Wax (1)Discotexas (1)Double Feature Records (1)Dubquake Records (1)ELECTRONIC (54)ESP Disk (1)Ed Banger Records / Because Music (5)Efficient Space (1)Electronic / EDM (194)FUNK (6)Five Easy Pieces (6)Foom (1)Freaks R Us (1)Friends Of Friends (Back Cat) (3)Friends of Friends (2)From Our Minds (1)Furious Rose Productions (1)Gaphals (4)HEAVY METAL (4)HHBTM Records (2)Henk (1)Hex Records (1)Hip Hop / Rap (2)Hyperdub Records (1)INDIE ROCK (3)INDUSTRIAL (1)Improvisations x Inspirations (1)Innovative Leisure (3)International Major Label (1)JAZZ (3)Jigsaw Records (1)Kalita (10)Kill Rockstars (2)Kompakt Distribution (5)Kompakt Label (4)Kuroneko (1)LONDON RECORDS (3)LTM (2)Logic1000/Because Music (1)Lovely Records (1)Lowfold Works (1)MVD Audio (2)Magic Power (1)Memphis Industries (4)Mule Musiq (3)N.E.W.S. (1)Naked Naked Records (5)On The Corner Records (8)POP/ROCK (7)PSYCHEDELIC (1)PUNK (6)PUNK ROCK (9)Parachute (4)Pee Records (1)Pirates Press (7)Pirates Press Record (1)Pittsburgh Tracks (1)Planet Mu Records (1)Pop music (1)Productions 50/50 (1)Pudel Produkte (1)R&B (10)R&B/SOUL (1)R&S RECORDS (1)R2 Records (3)REGGAE (10)ROCK (7)Rapster Records (5)Ron Pullman Music (1)SMALLTOWN SUPERSOUND (1)SOUL (2)Salinas Records (1)Shelflife (1)Silent Recordings (1)Sleaszy Rider (1)Sonar Kollektiv (36)Soul Jazz Records (4)Soundway (1)Steppas (1)Stil Vor Talent (2)Strut (2)Strut Records (1)Studio Mule (1)Styles Upon Styles (1)Sugar Shack (1)TECHNO (8)TRU THOUGHTS (4)The DJ Hell Experience (1)Tiny Engines (2)Tresor (1)Village Green (2)Vinyl 12" Single (349)WAH WAH 45's (3)WORLD (11)WRWTFWW (2)WTII Records (1)Wide Hive Records (12)Wonderwheel Recordings (1)YEP ROC RECORDS (1)Yep Roc (1)Zen F.C. (1)ed banger (1)pampa (2)turbo recordings (1)
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