All Vinyl 12" x2

!K7 (2)!K7 Music (36)!K7 Records (6)22A (2)2MR (1)3000 Grad Records (1)6131 Records (2)7K! (2)A Colourful Storm (1)A Turntable Friend (1)A-Ton (3)A-Ton Label (1)ACT Music (15)ALIVE RECORDS (4)ALTERNATIVE (182)AMBIENT (16)AMERICANA (12)AVANT-GARDE (15)AVENUE 66 (3)Aagoo Records / Computer Students (1)Acid Camp Records (1)Africa (8)Africa Express Records (1)Agogo (1)Agogo Records (14)Allied Artists Music (1)Alobar (2)Ambient / Meditation (6)Amfi Records (1)Amphetamine Reptile (1)Analog Africa (15)Animal Style Records (1)Another Moon (1)Apollo (1)Apollo Records (3)Apollo/R&S (1)Aporia Records (1)Aprapta Music (1)Ara (1)Arena Rock Recording Company (2)Artistry (1)Artoffact Records (35)Astral Industries (2)Atomnation (6)Atonal (1)Aus Music (2)BDC (1)BE WITH RECORDS (7)BECAUSE MUSIC (14)BLACK TRUFFLE (3)BLKRTZ (2)BLUEGRASS (2)BLUES (11)Barsuk Records (1)Bassiani label (1)Bedroom Community (1)Better Noise Music (16)Big Rig Records (1)Big Village (1)Bird's Robe Records (6)Birs Recordings (1)Blackstrobe Records (1)Blix Street (1)Blix Street Records (3)Blues Funeral Record (4)Break World Records (3)Buzzin Fly (1)Bytes (3)CARRY ON MUSIC (2)CHERRY RED (11)CLASSICAL (8)COMEDY (3)CONCORD RECORDS (2)CONCORDIA (1)COUNTRY (10)CRYPTIC CORP (1)Cadiz Music (2)Café Turk (1)Caldo Verde (3)Carpark Records (2)Cattle Track Road Re (1)Chicken Ranch Records (2)Chillhop (1)Circus Company (2)CmptrStdnts (1)Comedy Minus One (3)Compass (1)Coolin' By Sound (1)Cracki Records (1)Craft Recordings (10)Crammed (2)Crammed Discs (8)Crepuscule (6)Cumbancha (1)Curation Records (2)Cyclic Law (1)DANCE (18)DAPTONE (1)DAPTONE RECORDS (3)DARE2 RECORDS (2)DBA Records (1)DIGGERS FACTORY (4)DISCO (2)DUB (8)Daniel 13 (1)Darker Than Wax (1)Defective Records (1)Denovali Records (6)Deset (1)Dial (1)Dial Records (1)Dial label (1)Die! Boredom! (1)Die!Boredom (1)Discotexas (2)Discrepant (1)Dixiefrog (1)Dome (1)Dome Records (1)Don Giovanni (9)Double Double Whammy (1)Drawing Room Records (4)Dubquake Records (2)EASY LISTENING (1)ELECTRONIC (224)Easy Star (3)Echocord (1)Ed Banger Records / Because Music (1)Ed Bangers (1)Efficient Space (1)Electronic / EDM (201)Elephant 6 Recording (1)Eleven (1)Eleven Seven Music (2)Enchante (1)Esordisco S.R.L. (1)Etruria Beat (1)Exhibition (1)Exploding In Sound Records (2)FGL / Sylva Screen Records (1)FILM (1)FIXT (4)FOLK (27)FPE Records (3)FULL MOON (1)FUNK (18)Factory 25 (1)Factory Benelux (10)Fait-Maison-Grand Musique Management (1)Fake Four Inc. (1)False Idols (1)Fauxpas Musik (2)Fearless Records (4)Feines Tier (1)Figure (1)Five Easy Pieces (1)Five Seven Music (1)Flee (2)Footjob (1)Forward Music - Wewantsounds (5)Freund Der Familie (1)Friends of Friends (1)GRAPEFRUIT (1)Gamlestans Grammofonbolag (1)Gaphals (1)Gearbox Records (2)Generic Record Company (1)Genre B. Goode (3)Gentrified Underground (2)Geographic North (1)Gilead Media (1)Glitterbeat (3)Gold Dust Media 2 (1)Goth Rock (1)Graveface (1)Great Speckled Dog Records (2)Greedy (2)Grown Up Wrong! (2)HARD ROCK (1)HEAVY METAL (35)HHBTM Records (3)HORS CADRE / MODULOR (1)Hammock Music (2)Harmonie Exotic (1)Hausu Mountain (2)Heart of the Rat Records (1)Heavenly Sweetness (1)Heist Recordings (2)Hex Records (1)High Moon Records (1)Hip Hop / Rap (28)Hobbledehoy (4)Holiday (1)Hospital Records (5)Human Sounds (1)Hush Records (1)Hybride Sentimento (1)IN AND OUT OF FOCUS RECORDS (1)IN MY ROOM (2)INDIE ROCK (20)INDUSTRIAL (22)INFINE (7)IRL (1)ISKRA Records (2)Idol Records (3)Import Label (4)In A Circle Records (1)Inc. (24)Inhale Exhale Records (1)Innerground (1)Innovative Leisure (11)Insect Queen Music (1)International Anthem (4)International Anthem Recording Co. (1)Inzec Records (1)It Records (1)JAZZ (128)JAZZ IS DEAD (3)Jarrah Records (2)Jazz Montez (1)Jazz O Tech (1)Jerkin Crocus (1)Jungle Drum & Bass (2)Just Music (2)KILL ROCK STARS (3)Kanto Records (1)Killing Joke (1)Kingston Sounds (2)Kiosk I.D (1)Kola Records (1)Kompakt (5)Kompakt Distribution (3)Kompakt Label (5)Kosmik Hoboes (1)Kowloon Records (1)Kryptox (2)Kung Fu Records (1)Kwaidan Records (1)LATIN (1)LONDON RECORDS (2)LTM (2)LUAKA BOP (5)La Societe Expeditio (1)Lau Scotland (1)Les Disques du Crepuscule (1)Les Points (1)Lex Records (4)Life & Death (1)Life and death (2)Lil Joe Records (10)Lml Music (1)Logistic (1)Lowly/Wilder (1)Lumière Noire (1)Lumière Noire Records (1)MANANA // Records (1)MEGAFORCE (4)MELODIC (1)METROPOLIS RECORDS (1)MODERN HARMONIC (13)MONDO (1)MVD Audio (1)MVKA (1)Mack Avenue (14)Macro (1)Magnetic Force (1)Magnetism (1)Mainman Records (1)Mais Um (2)Maison Fauna (1)Mama Told Ya (1)Manono Records (2)Manphibian Music (1)Manque Music (1)Masters of Jazz (1)Masters of Jazz (Diggers) (1)Masters of Rock (Diggers) (2)Masters of rock (1)Medschool (1)Memphis Industries (5)Mental Groove (1)Midnight Themes (1)Mille Plateaux (5)Mississippi (1)Mobilee (2)Mobilee Records (1)Mom+Pop (2)Mondotees (1)Morpho Music (1)Mule Musiq (7)Music Box (1)My Only Desire Records (1)Mötley Records (1)NOTON (2)Negative Gain Produc (1)Nine Mile Records (1)Nostromo (1)Notefornote Entertai (1)OTHER PEOPLE (2)OUTHERE RECORDS (1)Oblique (1)On The Corner (1)Onion Boy Records (1)Optic Nerve (3)Optic Nerve Recordin (5)Optimo Music Archiv (1)Orange Lounge Recordings (1)Orchestra Of Samples Imprint (1)Ostgut Ton (2)PG Tune (1)PLANET MU RECORDS LTD. (17)PNKSLM Recordings (1)POP (16)POP/ROCK (52)PSYCHEDELIC (9)PUNK (16)PUNK ROCK (13)Palazzo Recordings (1)Parachute (3)Parallax (1)Park the Van Records (1)Partyfine (1)Perlon (2)Pets Recordings (1)Phineas Atwood Produ (8)Pirates Press (7)Pirates Press Record (3)Pittsburgh Tracks (2)Planet E (3)Planet E Communications (2)Planet Mu (2)Planet Mu Records (4)Plus One Records (1)Poker Flat Recordings (1)Popping Candy (1)Progressive Rock (7)Propeller Sound Recordings (2)Proper Records (1)Proper/Telarc (1)Punch Drunk (1)Purple Records (1)Quarto Valley Records (2)Quinlan Road (1)R & S (1)R & S Records (1)R&B (6)R&B/SOUL (4)R&S (1)R&S RECORDS (4)REGGAE (45)ROCK (171)ROCKABILLY (1)Rabble Rouser (1)Rad Girlfriend Recor (3)Ralph Records (1)Rapster Records (4)Raster (1)Rave Radio Records (1)Real World (6)Reel People Music (1)Reel To Real (1)Reel To Real Recordi (1)Reiten (2)Rezarts Prods (1)Riot Season (2)Ripple Music (8)Robellion Music (1)RockBeat (1)RockBeat Records (13)Roots (8)Rounder (4)Rugged Records (1)Running Back (4)SARGENT HOUSE (10)SCHOOLKIDS RECORDS (1)SFE (3)SILVA SCREEN (20)SINGER SONGWRITER (9)SKiN GRAFT Records (2)SOUL (31)SOUL JAZZ (46)SOUNDTRACK (53)SOUTHERN LORD (61)SRA Records (1)SUNDAZED (1)Saddle Creek (8)Salinas Records (1)Shogun Audio (5)Shogun Audio Limited (1)Showoff Records/Duck Down Music Inc. (1)Signature Sounds (2)Silva Sceen (1)Silva Screen Records (11)Silver Arrow (1)Skam (1)Skam Records (1)Slea Head Records (1)Sofaburn Records (1)Something (1)Something Happening Somewhere (1)Sonar Kollektiv (10)Soul Bank Music (1)Soul Jazz Records (14)Soul Makossa (1)Southern Lord Record (1)Spearhead (3)Spearhead Records (1)Spearhead Records Li (2)Spinnerette Records (1)Spiritmuse Records (2)Squidhat Records (1)Stark Raving Black P (1)Steppas (1)Steppas Records (2)Stil Vor Talent (3)Strange Famous (2)Strut (18)Strut Records (31)Studio Barnhus (4)Studio Mule (1)Subliminal Sounds (4)Submarine Cat (1)Sued Records (1)Sundazed Music (24)Suol (1)Superpuma Records (1)Sureshaker (1)Surf Rock (1)TECHNO (29)TFS Records (1)TIN ANGEL RECORDS (1)TRU THOUGHTS (13)TRUE NORTH (3)TRUNK (1)Tectonic (1)Telarc (2)Text (1)The DJ Hell Experience (1)The Drones (1)The Flenser (6)The Jezabels (2)The Leaf Label (2)The Sign Records (1)Themsay (1)These Eyes (1)Three Crows Records (1)Three Lobed Recordings (5)Tigersushi Records (1)Time Capsule (5)Timesig/Planet Mu (2)Tiny Engines (1)Topic (2)Touchtheplants (1)Tragic Hero (1)Tresor (12)Tricatel (2)Trost (1)Turquoise Records (1)Two Dreamers (1)Tympanik Records (1)Tzadik (1)UNLTD Recordings (1)Unlistenable Records (1)Unorthodox (1)Upsetter (1)V Recordings (1)VARESE SARABANDE (5)VDE (1)VEYL (4)VINYL 180 (5)Valley Farm Songs/Bl (1)Valve Records (1)Varese Sarbande (1)Vast Image (1)Vibrant Music (1)Village Green (1)Vinyl 12" x2 (1427)Vinyl180 (1)WEWANTSOUNDS (3)WG Records/Embassy One (1)WORLD (104)WRWTFWW (8)Walking Horse (1)Watergate Records (1)Wax Nine/Carpark Records (1)Way Up Recordings (1)We Can Elude Cont (1)Whirlwind (13)Whirlwind Recordings (9)Whirlwind Records (2)Wicked Nature Music (1)X2X Records (1)Xenokorp (3)YEP ROC RECORDS (16)Yep Roc (5)Yoruba Soul (1)Yoshi (1)Z Records (7)Z Records Old (1)a recordings (8)a.r.t.less (1)acid test (3)apparel music (2)apparel tronic (1)because (1)cocoon (1)dirt crew (1)ed banger (3)internasjonal (1)meander (2)n5MD (4)nervmusic records (3)noise manifesto (1)ouïe (1)permanent vacation (2)plus 8 (1)poker flat (1)public possession (1)smallville (1)tak:til (1)toy tonics (5)turbo recordings (1)
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