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22A (1)300 Club Records (1)359 Music (1)3B Records (1)6131 Records (8)ALIVE RECORDS (1)ALTERNATIVE (315)ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY (1)ALTERNATIVE ROCK (1)AMBIENT (1)AMERICANA (3)AVANT-GARDE (2)Aeronaut Records (1)Agogo Records (3)Ambient / Meditation (1)Apollo Records (2)Aporia Records (2)Artoffact Records (3)BE WITH RECORDS (1)BLUES (11)BRAZILIAN (1)Bad Diet (1)Basket Case Records (1)Bastard Jazz Recordings (2)Berreto Music (1)Blackhouse Records (1)Boris Records (8)Brink (1)Buttercup Records (1)CASCINE (2)CHERRY RED (1)COMEDY (1)COUNTRY (4)CRYPTIC CORP (1)Chicken Ranch Record (2)Chicken Ranch Records (4)Clarity Records (4)Coffin Carousel Records (1)Company Records (1)Con D'Or Records (1)Creative Vibes (1)Crepuscule (2)Cyclic Law (1)DANCE (1)DAPTONE RECORDS (7)DSI (1)DUB (2)Daniel 13 (1)Dedstrange (1)Dirt Cult Records (27)Distortion Productio (1)Dogfight Records (2)ELECTRONIC (13)Electronic / EDM (18)Emotional Response Records (2)FLEDG'LING (4)FOLK (12)Fake Four Inc. (4)False Idols (1)Fast Break! Records (1)Fire Talk Records (1)Five Easy Pieces (1)Foom (1)Freaks R Us (1)Freaks R Us Reissues (1)Fug Yep (1)Gemco (3)Genre B. Goode (2)Get Better Records (1)Give Praise Records (19)Greedy (1)Greenleaf Music (1)HEAVY METAL (25)HHBTM Records (1)Half A Cow (4)Hellsquad Records (3)Hex Records (5)Hip Hop / Rap (11)Hitback (1)Hobbledehoy (3)Holiday (1)INDIE ROCK (23)INDUSTRIAL (2)INSTRUMENTAL (1)ISR Records Ltd (2)Idol Records (2)Inc. (58)Independent (5)Infinity Cat Recordings (1)Innovative Leisure (13)International Anthem (1)Island City Records (1)It Records (4)JAZZ (11)Jealous Butcher Records (1)Jigsaw Records (12)KILL ROCK STARS (4)Kaotoxin (1)Kill Rockstars (3)Koko-Mojo (12)LATIN (1)LOW KEY SOURCE (5)Lovely Records (3)MODERN HARMONIC (14)MVD Audio (2)Memphis Industries (23)Midnight Cruiser Rec (3)Misra Records (2)Mister Saturday Night Records (1)Mom+Pop (2)Mut Muz (1)Northern Spy (2)Northern Spy Records (1)Notes On A Journey (1)Ocker Records (2)On The Corner Records (1)Optic Nerve (8)Optic Nerve Recordin (8)PNKSLM Recordings (9)POP (5)POP/ROCK (66)PSYCHEDELIC (2)PUNK (65)PUNK ROCK (30)Pee Records (7)Penrose (1)Permanent Creeps Records (1)Pharmacy Records (1)Pirates Press (8)Plasterer Records (1)Plus One Records (5)Pop music (2)Pravda Records (4)Principe Discos (1)Psychofon Records (2)Quietly Suburban (1)R&B (5)R&B/SOUL (1)RAMP LOCAL (2)REGGAE (5)ROCK (119)Rad Girlfriend Recor (17)Radgirlfriend (2)Raw Tapes Records (1)Razor & Tie (1)Ripple Music (3)River Lea Recordings (1)Roir Records (1)Royal Potato Records (1)SCHOOLKIDS RECORDS (2)SKA (1)SKiN GRAFT Records (1)SOUL (29)SOUTHERN LORD (14)SRA Records (6)Saddle Creek (29)Salinas Records (1)Shelflife (7)Siyal (1)Sleaszy Rider (1)Slumberland Records (11)Snubbed Records (1)Sofaburn Records (1)Sonar Kollektiv (3)Soulphonics LLC (2)Sound System (1)Southern Lord Record (1)Species Being (1)Spinout Records (2)Squidhat Records (5)Strange Famous Records (1)Strut Records (2)Subliminal Sounds (1)Sundazed Kustom Shop (2)Sundazed Music (58)Surf Rock (1)THE GIVING GROOVE (1)TRU THOUGHTS (10)The Flenser (1)The Mis-Made (1)The Mylene Sheath (3)The Sign Records (4)Time Capsule (1)Tiny Engines (10)Tollie Records / Sunset Blvd. Records (2)Topic (3)Topshelf Records (1)Tracks Of Quality (1)Triplespeak (1)TrueClass Records (1)Twin Earth Records (1)Tzadik (1)Upset The Rhythm (1)Valve (1)Valve Records (1)Vinyl 7" (710)Vinyl180 (1)WAH WAH 45's (12)WORLD (12)Walking Horse (1)Watussi Music (1)Weathermaker Music (1)Wonderwheel Recordings (2)Worm Discs (1)Xenokorp (1)YEP ROC RECORDS (18)Yep Roc (4)n The Corner (1)
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