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!K7 (2)!K7 Music (8)!K7 Records (1)0298X (1)21st Century (1)22A (6)24 Hour Service Stat (1)29 Music (1)2MR (9)3 Loop Music (8)3000 Grad (1)3000Grad (1)33 1/3 Records (1)3B Records (3)3Ms Musc (1)58870 Washington Square (1)6131 Records (24)7358 Razor & Tie (3)7K! (8)A Colourful Storm (12)A Modern Way (1)A Turntable Friend (10)A&G Records (1)AA+ Records (1)ACT (1)ACT Music (68)ADF (1)AIP (9)ALIVE RECORDS (147)ALTERNATIVE (2003)ALTERNATIVE COUNTRY (9)ALTERNATIVE ROCK (6)AMBIENT (81)AMERICANA (62)AMS (1)ANTENNA / ESOTERIC (1)APES (1)AVANT-GARDE (114)AVENUE 66 (3)Aagoo Records (1)Aagoo Records / Computer Students (1)Absolute Label Services Holding (1)Ace Fu (1)Ace Fu Records (1)Acetate Records (2)Acid Jazz (1)Actual Devil Records (1)Ad Productions (1)Adult Baby (1)Adult Contemporary (3)Aeronaut Records (1)Africa (4)Aggronautix (1)Agogo Records (17)Aish Divine (1)AlFi Records (1)Alan Peter Roberts T (1)Alberts (1)Alive (1)All India Radio (1)Allo Floride Artist Service (1)Ally Records (2)Almost Musique (1)Alpha&Omega (1)Altzmusica (1)Ambient / Meditation (25)American Dreams Records (16)Americana Anthropology (2)Amfi Records (1)Amherst Records (5)Amphetamine Reptile (2)Analog Africa (10)Analog Spark (1)Andrea Robertson (1)AngloCentric (1)Animal Style Records (7)Anticon (7)Antime (2)Apollo (1)Apollo Records (5)Apollon (4)Apollonia (1)Aporia Records (8)Arc Light Editions (1)Ardent (1)Ardent Music (2)Arjunamusic (2)Arrested Youth Recor (1)Arrowhawk Records (15)Artistry (3)Artoffact Records (101)Ashmont Records (1)Asphalt Tango (1)Astigmatic Records (2)Astral Industries (3)Atavistic/Unheard Mu (1)Atemoya Records (1)Atomnation (9)Attitude (2)Aura Records (1)Aural Music (2)Auto Reverse (2)Autumn Tone (1)Autumn Tone Records (1)Avante-Garde Jazz (5)Aware One Recor (1)Ayva Musica (1)BADMAN RECORDS (5)BE WITH RECORDS (43)BECAUSE MUSIC (13)BELLA CASA (2)BLACK MESA (4)BLACK TRUFFLE (14)BLUEGRASS (15)BLUES (146)BOREALIS (2)BRAZILIAN (2)BSX Records (1)Babe City Records (1)Back To The Fudda (3)Backdoor Records (1)Bad Diet (4)Balcoon Records (1)Bangs And Burns (1)Barsuk (1)Barsuk Records (31)Basement's Basement (4)Basin Rock (1)Basin Rock Records (1)Bastard Jazz Recordings (2)Bauhaus Records (1)Be With Records / Efficient Space (2)BeatRocket (26)Beatbude (1)Bedroom Community (3)Behind the Beat Records (3)Better Noise Music (17)Between Buttons (1)Beverley Hillbilly Records (1)Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records (43)Big Ring Records (1)Big Village (1)Big Wax Distribution (6)Bigamo (1)Bigout Records (1)Bird's Robe Records (6)Birdwatcher Records (4)Birs Recordings (5)Black Bear Records (1)Black Box Tapes / Fake Four Inc (2)Black Door Records (2)Black Hat Rackets (4)Black Night Crash Records (2)Blackhouse Records (2)Blind Faith (2)Blind Faith Records (1)Blix Street Records (5)Blood Thinner Records (1)Blue Castle Records (1)Blue Desert Music (1)Blue Nine (1)Blueberry Records (2)Blues Funeral Record (12)Blues Funeral Records (1)Bomp (4)Bomp! Records (19)Bonfire Recording Co (3)Boocoo Music (2)Boris Records (17)Bosconi (1)Branch Music (1)Braodcast (1)Brass Jelly Records (1)Breabach Records (1)Break World Records (3)Breakaway Recordings (2)Bridge The Gap (1)Bridie Music (1)Bright Shiny Things (1)Brink (2)Bristol Archive (1)Brother Music (1)Brown Skin Jesus LLC (1)Brubeck Editions (1)Bubblewrap Records (1)Bud's Recording Service (2)Burning Rose Records (1)Burnt Toast Vinyl (8)Busy Bee (17)Buttercup Records (1)Buzzin' Fly Records (3)Byrd Out (4)Bytes (1)C-Nut Records (1)CASCINE (8)CBGB Recor (1)CBGB Records (2)CCM (1)CHERRY RED (21)CLASSICAL (26)CMI World Wide Music (1)COMEDY (5)CONCORD RECORDS (10)CONTEMPORARY CLASSICAL (1)COUNTRY (102)CRC Music (2)CRYPTIC CORP (9)Cadiz Rec. Co. (1)Cadiz Recording Company (1)Caldeira Records (1)Camille Schoell (1)Camisole Records (4)Cape Road Recordings (1)Capgun Kids Records (1)Captains Log (1)Carpark Records (30)Carrack UK (1)Carrier Records (2)Celebration Days Records (1)Cellar Live (4)Celtic (1)Cerberus / BSX (1)Certain Sound (2)Chaikin Records (1)Charming Records (1)Cherry Pop (1)Cherry Red America (1)Cherry Red Records (1)Chiaroscuro Records (1)Chicken Ranch Record (3)Chicken Ranch Records (9)Childrens (4)Chugg Music (4)Chugg Music / London Cowboys (1)Churchkey Records (2)Cien Fuegos (1)Circus Company (4)Clandestine (1)Clarity Records (4)Claro Oscuro (1)Classical Crossover (5)Clifton Motel Records (1)Cochroach / Dc Jams (1)Collision Course (2)Come to the Dark Side Luke Music (1)Comedy Minus One (12)Community Music (3)Community Records/Topshelf (8)Company Records (1)Compass (7)Compass Records (21)Con D'Or Records (5)Concord Jazz (1)Confetti Records (1)Constellation Tatsu (2)Contender Records (2)Conveyor (1)Coolin' By Sound (9)Cornelius Chapel Rec (3)Cornelius Chapel Records (6)Cornlelius Chapel Records (4)Counterchange Recordings (1)Country music (3)Cracki Records (3)Craft Recordings (14)Crammed (3)Crammed Discs (11)Cranes Records (1)Cranktone Entertainm (1)Creep Records (2)Crepuscule (5)Crimson Crow (1)Cruisin Records (9)Cruz (1)Cumbancha (2)Curation Records (2)Cycle Music (1)Cyclic Law (17)D&A (1)D'Ville Record Group (2)D-Tech (1)DANCE (12)DAPTONE (6)DAPTONE RECORDS (39)DC-Jam Records (1)DIGGERS FACTORY (1)DISCO (5)DJA Records (1)DRAG CITY (1)DUB (21)Daemon Records (1)Dan Parsons (1)Dark Star Records (1)Darker Than Wax (3)Data Snacks (1)Daughters And Sons R (2)Days of Being Wild (1)Dead Broke Rekerds (2)Dead City Records (1)Dead Souls Records (1)Death Mountain (1)Dedstrange (2)Deep Fryed Records (1)DeepMatter (4)Dell Orso Records (1)Denim on Denim Records (1)Denovali Records (14)Departed Sounds (1)Devotional Spiritual (2)Dharmasoul (1)Dialect Recordings (2)Difrnt Music (1)Digital Warfare Reco (2)Digtal Warfare Records (1)Dirt Cult Records (29)Disaster (1)Dischi Autunno (3)Disco Halal (1)Discophorus (2)Discotexas (2)Discrepant (11)Discrepant Record (1)Distortion Productio (2)Divide by Zero Records (1)Dixiefrog (2)Dixiefrog Blues (1)Dogfight Records (4)Domo Records (6)Don Giovani (1)Don Giovanni (64)Dontnod (1)Double Double Whammy (37)Double Drummer (2)Double Feature Records (7)Dovecoat Records (1)Dr. Music Records (1)Drawing Room Records (10)Drone (1)Dronehenge (1)Drp Records (1)Duchess Box Records (4)Dunham Records (4)Dwarves (6)Dylan Owen/Fake Four Inc (1)Dz Riders (1)EASY LISTENING (1)ELECTRONIC (383)ESOTERIC / ANTENNA (1)ESP (5)ESP Disk (13)ESP Records (3)EURO-VISIONS (1)Ear Sight (1)Earshift Music (5)Earshift Records (2)East River Records (1)Easy Eye Sound (2)Easy Star (20)Easy Star Records (10)Edition (7)Edition Records (9)Editions Swellito (1)Edizioni Mondo (2)Efficient Space (3)Effiscienz / Modulor (4)EggHunt Records/Clandestine (19)Ehse Records (12)Electronic / EDM (387)Elephant 6 Recording (1)Eleven (3)Eleven Seven Music (13)Emika Records (3)Emotional Response R (22)Empire Of Song (2)Enchufada (1)Eraclea (1)Eskapaden (1)Esordisco S.R.L. (1)Esoteric (8)Euphobia Records (2)Euphoria (2)Ever Records (2)Evergreen Recordings (2)Everloving Records (7)Experimental rock (1)Exploding In Sound Records (18)Extreme Eating (6)FGL (5)FGL productions (1)FILM (1)FIXT (5)FLEDG'LING (1)FOLK (184)FOUR FOUR / ABC Music (1)FPE Records (11)FULL MOON (1)FUNK (66)Factory 25 (1)Factory Benelux (6)Fading Trails Recordings (3)Faith And Industry (2)Fake Four Inc. (25)Fake Four/Uncommon Records (1)Fallen Tree Records (1)False Idols (1)Fame Bear (1)Fantasy (1)Fast Break! Records (1)Fastball Partnership (1)Father/Daughter Records (18)Fauxpas Musik (1)Fearless (1)Fearless Records (5)Fenne Lily (1)Field Recordings (3)File Under: Music (10)Finalistes (1)Fire Talk Records (49)First Love Records (1)Five Easy Pieces (3)FiveKill Records (3)Flash Town Records (1)Flatlines (1)Float (3)Flying On Fire (1)Folk Til Ya Punk Records (4)Folk music (4)Fond Object Records (1)Foom (1)Forbidden Dance (1)Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies (1)Forty Below (2)Forty Below Records (1)Forward Music - Wewantsounds (16)Four Finger Distro (1)Four Four Records (1)Frame Up Music (2)France (7)Frank Music (1)Franklin Sound Art (1)Freaks R Us (3)Freaks R Us Gareth (1)Freaks R Us Reissues (1)Frenzy (1)Friends Of Friends (Back Cat) (2)Friends of Friends (21)Furious Rose Productions (1)Future Classic (1)Future Shock Records (4)Fuzzorama (1)GLOOPY RECORDS (2)GOD? (1)GOSPEL (4)GRAPEFRUIT (1)Gamlestans Grammofonbolag (1)Gaphals (43)Garrincha GoGo (1)Garzen Records (1)Gearbox Records (4)Gemco (2)Genre B. Goode (2)Geographic North (4)Get A Long Records (1)Get Better Records (16)Ghost Note Records (4)Ghostbusters VHS (1)Gilded Lily Records (1)Gilead Media (10)Give Praise Records (24)Gizeh (3)Glitterbeat (47)Glitterhouse (3)Glitterhouse Records (4)Gloriette Records (5)Glossy Mistakes (4)Gold Robot Records (12)Golden Robot Records (1)Good Company Records (1)Good Deeds Music (1)Good Stem Records (2)Goth Rock (11)Grand Palais (4)Graveface (1)Great Speckled Dog (1)Great Speckled Dog Records (2)Greedy (1)Green Door Recording Co. (3)Grey Scale (1)Grind Select (5)Growing Bin Records (5)Gusstaff / Helixed (1)HARD ROCK (5)HEAVY METAL (314)HFN Music (4)HHBTM Records (38)HNE (1)HOT MILK (1)Hakatak (1)Half A Cow (12)Halocline Trance (3)Hammock (1)Hand Drawn Dracula (4)Happiest Place (1)Harmonized Records (3)Hatch (1)Hausu Mountain (10)Head Records (1)Heart of the Rat Records (11)Heartcore Records (2)Helixed (1)Hellsquad Records (4)Hex Records (19)High Moon Records (7)Higher Power (1)Highnote (1)Hillside Global (2)Hinterground (1)Hip Hop / Rap (89)Hit The Deck Recordings (1)Hitback (1)Hobbledehoy (15)Hold Your Ground (1)Holiday (6)Holy Are You (1)Holy Fuck (1)Honour Oak (2)Hop Hop Records (1)Hopestreet Recordings (2)Horisontal Mambo (2)Horny Records (2)Horton (2)Hospital Records (5)Howlin' Banana (4)Howlin' Banana Records (2)Hudson Records (1)Human Sounds (1)Hush Records (5)Hydrofunk (2)Hydrofunk Records (1)Hypertension (1)I Am Duckeye (4)IDLA (1)IN AND OUT OF FOCUS RECORDS (1)IN MY ROOM (1)INA (2)INDIE ROCK (106)INDUSTRIAL (30)INFINE (13)INIT RECORDS (1)INSTRUMENTAL (22)Idee Fixe Records (4)Ides Of March (1)Idol Records (9)Imaginator/Clandestine (4)Imara (2)Impossible Objects of Desire (3)In A Circle Records (2)Inc (1)Inc. (291)Independant (8)Independent (25)Indica Australia (3)Indigenous (2)Inevitable (2)Inevitable Records (1)Infinite Best (1)Infinity Cat Recordings (1)Inflated Records (4)Infrequent Seams Records (1)Innovative Leisure (52)Interface Blue (1)International Anthem (18)International Anthem Recording Co. (7)International Feel (2)International Major Label (1)Intuitive Records (2)Island City Records (4)Isotopia Records (3)It Records (14)Italian Records – Disordine (2)JARO Medien (1)JARO records (2)JAZZ (466)JAZZ IS DEAD (5)JEM Records (1)JGAP (3)JSP (1)Jack Biilmann (1)Jagra Music (1)Jah Wobble Records (2)Jamaican Recordings (56)James Ellis (1)Jarrah Records (2)Jay-Vee Records (1)Jazzhead (1)Jazzwerkstatt (7)Jealous Butcher Records (19)Jiggy Jig Records (2)Jigsaw Records (12)Joe Tossini Music (1)Jordan Valley Records (1)Jump Up Records (4)Jungle Records (1)Junkie Records (1)KILL ROCK STARS (34)KKB (1)Kalita (4)Kanto Records (1)Kaoskvlt (1)Kaotoxin (5)Kas Sounds (Touch Th (2)Kepiland Records (3)Keroxen/Discrepant (2)Ketiov (1)Kill Rockstars (13)Kingston Sounds (63)Kingswood Records (1)Kitchen Table Records (2)Kith & Kin (1)Koko-Mojo (2)Kommerz Records (1)Kompakt (4)Kompakt Distribution (3)Kompakt Label (10)Kosmos Music (1)Kowloon Records (6)Kryptox (3)Kuroneko (11)Kwaidan (1)Kwaidan Records (3)L'Église De La Petite Folie (1)LATIN (15)LBH Records (3)LONDON RECORDS (12)LOW KEY SOURCE (12)LP345 Records (2)LTM (2)LUAKA BOP (35)La Castanya (3)La Grange Aux Belles (1)La Rabbia (2)La Societe Expeditio (3)Lab'Oratoire (1)Ladytron Music (1)Last Man Music (2)Last Roundup Records (1)Laut & Luise (1)Lazy Octopus Records (4)Le Cabanon (1)Le Pop Club (1)Le Pop Club Records (1)Le Tres Jazz Club (7)Le Très Groove Club (5)Le Turc Mecanique (1)League Of Imaginary Nations (2)Leroy Records (3)Les Autres (1)Les Disques Du Chantier (1)Les Disques En Chantier (1)Les Disques de culte (2)Les Disques du Crepuscule (2)Les Disques du Festival Permanent (2)Les Masques (1)Les Tres Jazz Club (2)Lex Records (27)Liberation Hall (1)Life and death (1)Lightly Toasted Records (1)Lightwell Recordings (1)Linus (1)Lion's Drums (1)Lion's Paw Recordings (1)Lionel Limiñana / Because Music (1)Lisbon Lux Records (1)Little Record Company (2)Lojinx (2)Lonesome Whippowill (1)Longtime Listener (1)Lossless (1)Lost And Found Recor (1)Lost Records and Tapes (1)Lost Room Records (2)Lotuspool Records Ll (4)Lovely Records (25)Low Heat Records (1)Lt Productions (1)Lumière Noire (4)Lustpoderosa (1)M.O.D Technology (1)MAIS UM DISCOS (1)MEG-AIMP/ Musée d'ethnographie de Genève (1)MEGAFORCE (16)MELODIC (1)METROPOLIS RECORDS (2)MG.ART (2)MIR under exclusive license to Petaluma Records (1)MITSUKO & SVETLANA RECORDS (4)MODERN HARMONIC (85)MOSCODISC (1)MPS (1)MUSIC ON VINYL (1)MVD (3)MVD Audio (13)MVD Visual (5)MVKA (4)Machair (1)Machair Records (1)Mack Avenue (9)Magazine (1)Magellanic (1)Magic Wire (1)Mainman Records (9)Mais Um (8)Maison Fauna (1)Major Tom/Village Green (1)Malignant (3)Malka Tuti (3)Malpermesita (1)Mamlish (1)Manga Republic (1)Manhaton Records (2)Manifesto Records (1)Manque Music (2)Mantra (1)Maraqopa Records (1)Mariel Recording Company (1)Mark Wilkinson (1)Marshall Records (2)Masters of Jazz (2)Masterstroke Records (1)Maximum Ames Records (1)Meadows (1)Meat Machine (1)Meda Fury (1)Megadisc (1)Melodic Ltd (3)Melodic Records (1)Memphis Grease (1)Memphis Industries (84)Mental Groove (2)Mere Noise Records (2)Microcultures (3)Microphone & Loudspeaker (3)Midnight Cruiser Rec (10)Mille Plateaux (1)Minty Fresh (3)Misra Records (8)Misra Records/Wild Kindness (1)Mississippi (19)Mississippi Records (3)Mister Saturday Night Records (1)Modern Imperial Reco (1)Modern Obscure Music (4)Modulor (7)Mom+Pop (14)Movimientos (1)Muja (1)Mule Musiq (2)Multiman Records (1)Mushroom Hour (2)Mushroom Hour Half Hour (2)Music Box Publishing (1)Musica Genera (1)Mutual Intentions (7)My Big Sister (1)My Friend The Chocolate Cake (1)Mylja (2)Mysteries of the Deep (1)N.E.W.S. (2)NAAFI (1)NEUROT (3)NEW WAVE (1)NNA Tapes (32)Nascimento (1)National Elf (1)National Sawdust Tracks (3)Natural Child Records and Tapes (1)Navigator (1)Navigator Records (3)NeMu (1)Needle Points - Bom (1)Needle Points - Feel (1)Negative Gain Productions (1)Neilson Records (4)Neon Republic (1)Neurot Recordings (1)New York Pro (1)Next Door Records (5)Nice Guys (1)Nightbloom (1)Nighthawk Records (2)Nightshoes Syndicate (1)Nina Pop (1)Nine Mile Records (21)Nitro Records (5)NoPaper Records (1)Nod And Smile Record (1)Noe Records (1)Nola Blue (1)Non Standard Productions (2)Normal Surround (1)Northern Spy (66)Not Just Religious M (3)Notefornote Entertai (3)Notes On A Journey (4)Noumenal Loom (2)Novi Svijet (1)Nublu (5)Nublu / Modulor (1)Nutriot (1)ODGPROD (1)ORiGiN (1)OTHER PEOPLE (5)OUTHERE RECORDS (4)Objects Limited (2)Objet Disque (1)Ocean Alley (1)Ocker Records (1)Octave Lab (1)Odd Cat Records (1)Odessa Records (1)Okee Dokee Music (1)Oklahoma Wind Music (1)Old Flame Records (15)On The Corner (5)On The Corner Records (7)Only Lovers Records (2)Opal Tapes (5)Optic Nerve (4)Optic Nerve Recordin (4)Optimo Music (3)Optimo Music Archiv (1)Optshop (1)Orbistor (1)Orchid Tapes (4)Ornaments (1)Oroom (1)Other Peoples Music (1)Outlaw Music (1)Outside Music (21)Ouvo (1)PHANTASY SOUND (2)PINK FLAG (2)PLANET MU RECORDS LTD. (13)PNKSLM Recordings (49)POP (135)POP/ROCK (647)POPPYDISC (2)PSYCHEDELIC (50)PUNK (336)PUNK ROCK (132)Pacific City Discs/Discrepant (1)Pain Surprises (1)Palmetto Records (1)Pandemoniu (1)Paper Thin Records (2)Parachute (2)Parapente Records (1)Park The Van (1)Park the Van Records (13)Parrot Cake (1)Partial (4)Partial Records (3)Partyfine (2)Passat Continu (1)Paw Tracks (1)Pee Records (14)Penrose (1)Perambulator Records (1)Perch Creek (1)Perlon (1)Personal Best Records (1)Pharmacy Records (1)Phineas Atwood Produ (2)Pickpocket (1)Pillow Queens Records (1)Pinecastle Records (1)Pingipung (1)Pingipung label (1)Pioneer Works Press (3)Piranha Records (10)Pirates Press (67)Pirates Press Record (11)Pirates Press Records (1)Pit Records (1)Planet E Communications (1)Planet Mu (5)Planet Mu Records (17)Planetworks (1)Plasmatic Media (4)Plastika (1)Plateau (1)Platinum Pursuits (1)Playmaker (1)Playoff Records (3)Please Like It (1)Plowboy (1)Plowboy Records (6)Plus One Records (7)Poets Club Records (1)Point of Contact (2)Polestar (1)Pop music (20)Positive Elevation (1)Possum Records (1)Pound for Pound Recordings (1)Prasens Editionen (3)Pravda Records (10)Primary Records/Clandestine (1)Principe Discos (7)Progressive Rock (24)Proper (1)Proper Records (4)Proper/Astigmatic Records (1)Public School Records/Fake Four (1)Pudel Produkte (2)Purple Heart Recording Company (1)Quarto Valley Records (3)Quindi Records (3)Quinlan Road (11)Qusp (1)R&B (63)R&B/SOUL (14)R&S RECORDS (10)RAAR (1)RAMP LOCAL (5)REDEYE DISTRIBUTION (2)REGGAE (194)REVEAL (2)RHYTHM SECTION INTERNATIONAL (1)ROCK (736)ROCKABILLY (2)Rabble Rouser (2)Rad Girlfriend Recor (23)Rad Girlfriend Records (2)Radgirlfriend (1)Radio Milk Records (1)Raindrop (1)Raisin' Music Records (1)Raisin' Records (1)Ralph Records (1)Rama Lama Records (6)Ransom Note Records (2)Rapid Eye Records (2)Raster (3)Ratchet Blade Record (1)Raven Marching Band (9)Raw Tapes Records (4)Razor & Tie (1)Ready Freddie Records (1)Real World (14)Rebel Waves Records (5)Red Parlor Records (1)Red Velvet Records (1)Reel People Music (1)Reel To Real Recordi (1)Religious Vmit (1)Reptilian Records (4)Revenge (2)Rhythm Bomb Records (8)Richard Road Records (1)Richard Weize Archives (1)Ride Records (1)Riley Records (4)Riot Season (13)Ripple Music (110)River Lea Recordings (3)Riverboat (9)Rock & Roll (5)RockBeat Records (14)Rockarmy Records (1)Rocket Girl (2)Roir Records (1)Roots (5)Rostrum Records (1)Rotary Phono Lab (1)Rotted Life (6)Rouge Mécanique (1)Rough Diamond (4)Rough Guide (68)Rough Velvet / Glitterhouse (1)Rounder (11)Rte 8 Records (1)Rugged Records (4)Running Back (3)Running Back Incantations (5)Rural Routes (1)Rusty Knuckles (3)SARGENT HOUSE (42)SCHOOLKIDS RECORDS (9)SFE (1)SHELLSHOCK (1)SHIP TO SHORE MEDIA (9)SILVA SCREEN (20)SINGER SONGWRITER (72)SKA (2)SKiN GRAFT Records (11)SOS Music (1)SOUL (150)SOUL JAZZ (10)SOUNDTRACK (112)SOUTHERN LORD (130)SRA Records (20)SRA Records / Bootle (1)SUNDAZED (3)SVS Records (1)Saddle Creek (106)Salinas Records (24)Schubert Music (1)Sci+Tec (1)Screaming Crow Records (1)Second Language Music (1)Second Motion (1)Seeburg Music Librar (1)Selva Disco (1)Sensation (2)Separatista SoundSystem (1)Series Aphonos/Bronze Rat (1)Settle Down Records (1)Severn (1)Shadow Kingdom Records (2)Shameless Records (1)Shanachie (3)Shelflife (14)Ship to Shore Phono Co (1)Shoestring Music Productions (1)Signature Sounds (23)Silva Screen Records (5)Silver Arrow (1)Siyal Music (2)Skam (1)Sleaszy Rider (22)SlipRail Records (1)Slowdown Records (1)Slumberland Records (14)Small Batch Records (1)Small Stone Records (4)Smallville Records (1)Smash Into Pieces (2)Snubbed Records (1)Sofaburn Records (10)Soft Records (2)Sonar Kollektiv (9)SongCircle (1)Songlines (2)Sons Of The East Music (1)Souk/Discrepant (1)Soul Bank Music (2)Soul Jazz Records (6)Soul Makossa (1)Soul music (2)Soulphonics LLC (1)Sound Sister Records (1)Southern Lord Record (1)Southern Lord Records (1)Southpaw Records (1)Sovereign Records (1)Spiderbomb (1)Spiritmuse Records (4)Spoken Word (4)Spotted Peccary Musi (3)Squama (8)Squidhat Records (20)Squidproquo (1)Stab in the Dark Records (1)Stax (1)Steamhammer (1)Stella Donnelly Music (1)Stem (1)Steppas (3)Stil Vor Talent (1)Stink Magnetic (1)Stolen Ghost Records (1)Stony Plain (2)Storyville (6)Strange Famous (1)Strange Famous Records (3)Strangelove (8)Strangers Candy (1)Strangetown Records (1)Strut (6)Strut Records (14)Studio Barnhus (2)Studio Labour (1)Studio Mule (4)Studio One (1)Stupid Head/Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records (1)Styles Upon Styles (9)Subliminal Sounds (25)Subtext (1)Sued Records (2)Sugar Shack (1)Sugarhill (1)Sundazed Music (290)Sunset Blvd Records (2)Sunset Music Productions (1)Super Chahut (1)Supergut (1)Supernatural Cat (1)Superpuma Records (1)Surf Rock (3)Swamp Cabbage Record (7)Sweet Nectar (1)Swing Nation (1)Sylvan Songs (1)TBA (1)TECHNO (11)TFS Records (1)THE GIVING GROOVE (6)THRILL JOCKEY RECORDS (2)TIGERSUSHI (1)TIN ANGEL RECORDS (7)TRU THOUGHTS (34)TRUE NORTH 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